Incredible Short Stories for Kids

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Incredible Short Stories for Kids

Want to have collection of short stories for kids that will no need a lot of time to read? How often you feel that your children get bored to hear your long stories to get there to sleep? Or maybe you find that you have not done with your stories and your children are already sleeping? If that often experiences by you, then you need to find what called with short stories for kids.

Classic America short stories for kids

America has popular short stories that read in around the world. If you want to read short stories, then these can be your reference.

  • The Gingerbread Men. This is funny story tales about the gingerbread men that run from the baker.
  • Mother Goose rhymes. This is the most popular nursery rhymes. This is fairy tale and has been illustrated in many versions over of ages.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Rhymes. This is classic poetry rhymes to show your children fruits and vegetable.
  • Jack and beanstalk. The story about Jack that has beans that goes through the sky where he find goose that have golden eggs.

The benefit of telling stories for kids

If you are very busy parents, then read this why you need to take few minutes of your time to let your children hear your voice and read stories with you. Reading and story time is special time when parent spending time together with their children in very relaxes time. This is perfect time for build bounds and relationship with children. In addition, this can build the self-esteem and secure from the children. Here are the benefits from read stories for our children.

  • Books and stories help children to develop their language skill and logical thinking.
  • Children that enjoy their reading time since early age are likely tend to become more confident students.
  • Stories can build children capability for deal problem and fears that they might face in daily life.

Stories help your children to cope feelings. When your children hear the story you tell that contain with feelings this will help your children to accept their feelings and learn how understand the others feelings. They will learn how to socialize, how to be not alone and know if their feelings are Ok. As parents, you will learn how your children feelings, especially when they respond to the stories that you read.

Tips when you read the stories

When you read the stories, these tips will help you how to read and express the stories you read or tell.

  • Guide what your children like to read but do not limit their books option so they can read wider books option range.
  • Follow and listen to your children leads when you are reading or telling them a story. They can develop their capability to be partner in reading story as well. If they want to continue, and then continue, if they want to skip because they do not the certain part, then skip it.
  • Borrow some books from library and you can buy second book garage sale to give your with ideas to tell your children with short stories for kids.

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