Funny Stories for Kids for Bedtime

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Funny Stories for Kids for Bedtime

Every kid loves to hear the funny stories for kids that will make their dream nice and have well sleepy. Every good story will leave the audience for craving and the fun filled stories are what makes kids sit or lay calm in their chair or bed while hear the funny stories. The fun stories often offer happy ending and you can even get the message on it. There are several popular funny stories that you can choose for your children.

The incredible funny stories to pick up

If you want to tell your kids with funny stories, these examples of funny stories can be your best pick up option to choose.

  • Foolish Lion and the Clever Rabbit. The stories tell about the clever rabbit, fearsome and the merciless lion. In a jungle, a lion killed animals and other animal’s promises to him to send one animal daily to become lion’s meals. When the clever rabbit get his turn, he has clever way for end the tyranny from the lion.
  • The Intelligent Merchant. This is a short witty take stories that tell about the merchant that have been punished because he speaks his mind when other people in King’s court resorted for sycophancy.
  • The musical donkey. Donkey is an animal that always depicted as stupid, lack of brain. The musical donkey is a story that teaches kids for how person should consider the consequences from their acts.
  • The King and the Drum. The King has secret and there no one in Kingdom know about this, even the Queen. However, the secret is unable to keep long and the secret come with the most hilarious fun way.
  • The Kettle Who gave Birth. This is one of Nasreddin Hodja’s Best stories. Your kid will love to laugh when they know a kettle that gave a birth to a baby kettle.

Even you can make your own funny stories!

  • Have no idea for next funny stories to tell to your kids? Then make it by yourself. You can make your own funny stories with these simple steps to follow.
  • Look to yourself and anything that you have experience through. What things that make you laugh? What the stories that you heard and make you laugh or smile? What the funny stories that you and your family hear when you are in gathering family time? Things that we are already do routine can be so funny when you told to your children.

Look around to animal or inanimate objects. There are popular Tv shows that revolved around the talking objects such as talking train or bus, Sponge, and many more. You can create your own stories with these characters, such as Dora the explorer, Sponge Bob, and many more. Your kid will imagine for their popular TV show character with the stories that they never hear or seen in Tv because the stories is written by you.

There are many others funny stories that you can read for your kids. The funny stories can be great stories to tell in your naptime or in gather after play time. Prepare yourself before read the funny stories for kids and find out the best mimic to express the fun stories ideas.

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