Find the Moral Stories for Kids

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Find the Moral Stories for Kids

There are many expert and parents that read moral stories for kids for bedtime and other relax time for their kids. Most of books and stories that categorized for children usually contain with important values and moral that can develop children personality. The moral and values in story often reflected in stories by telling how people should treat themselves, how people should treat others, and what is the most important things in life. As parents, we always expect that children will understand the moral expectation that we build and society have for them. This is why moral stories is important for kids when their parents read them books or tell bedtime stories.

Examples of moral stories need for kids

As explained before that stories that cover or contain with moral stories is important to read to your kids. There are many stories that you can choose for your option. Choose something that mom or dad also enjoys reading. Think to choose popular book for this age group. The toddlers and preschool mostly love to read pictured book. Moral values stories that you can choose such as below:

  • Pinochio. This is how we teach our children to be honest and respect to parents.
  • Maleficent. This is the contemporary books that based on the film of Maleficent. This book tells about bad and good. This is the dark side of the story of Sleeping Princess. You can read the sleeping princess for the next comparison and start your children to discuss about the book.

Practice Good Reading when stories read

When you read your stories, then you need to practice good reading that will make the intonation and your kids can imagine the stories well. Here are several things that you can do when you read the bedtime stories.

  • Make comfortable and cozy places for reading. When you read, you might need to sit comfort in rocking chair or love seat.
  • Focus to your children interest. Most of children have their favorite books. Look for what types of book that your children interest with.
  • Read your bedtime stories with full expression. When your children hear your story with full expression, they will hear it with enthusiasm and intently to the whole story. Tips for this: try gives each character in story with different voice and do not doubt to get silly expression.

Encourage your children with early literacy strategies. Even your children are unable to read yet, there are few things that you can do for help your children develop this skill for reading. The bedtime stories are good time to do this. Try for these steps:

  • Pointing to words that you say them. This will help your children to words that correlate with the spoken words.
  • Anticipate with what will happen in the stories next. Ask children to predict on what will happen when they hear your story.
  • Ask your children with questions. When read stories, you need to not just read it. Stop at any points to discuss about what you have read and ask your children with question or discuss what the message on what you have read moral stories for kids.

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