The Effective Ways to Read Bedtime Stories for Kids

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The Effective Ways to Read Bedtime Stories for Kids

How often you read bedtime stories for kids for your children? When you read bedtime stories for children, they have different method for the read for different ages. Here is what you need to do to read bedtime stories for different ages.

Reading bedtime stories for infant

  • Start earlier phase. Start the earlier when your baby even can’t understand language or focus on pictures on the book might seem silly. But, it is true that reading in very young age will make them associate with warmth and comfort of your presence with reading. This can make them read later.
  • Make reading bedtime stories as part of your routine. Have routine bedtime stories can make your baby sleep easier and sleep longer.
  • Try classic books for bedtime stories for babies. Choose the simple bedtime stories such as classic bedtime stories. You can choose Goodnight Moon from Margaret wise brown, Bear Snores, and time for bed.

Reading bedtime stories for toddler or preschooler

  • As the children get older, you can let your children to choose their bedtime stories book. You can lead them to choose books that they choose based on their personality and how they are able to choose the selected book. Bring your children to library and allow them to choose several picture books and take to home. For newbie, choose 2 or 3 books. For children who enjoy time to story time, they might want one book each night.
  • Expect for read same story more than once. Children in this age are learning from the repetition. Therefore, you might extra time and efforts to read same bedtime stories times before your children tires and bored with the story. In this time, your children are memorizing pictures and words that they know from the books. They also get thrilled to anticipate on what going next on the story.
  • For this group age, you can choose The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton and The Napping House from Audrey Wood.

Reading bedtime stories for older age

For your older age, you can choose the complex book such as chapter book. Try to read the chapter book together with the children. You can ask your children to read for you. Get aim to read one chapter in per night. There are many elementary schools that require their new students to read in certain amount time each night.

Incorporate this requirement with bedtime a story is example of great method and fun ways to do. For older age, there is no worries much about choose the right book. Your children are able to choose now and this can be a good discussion to choose which book that you and children want to read. The example of book that you can choose for this older age such as Boxcar children series by G. Chandler Warner for elementary group age and for older group you can choose Harry Potter the Series by J.K Rowling. Harry Potter the Series has attractive chapter that will make your children want to read over and over again to see and feel the adventure of Harry potter. The other bedtime stories that you can choose for this age such as The Lord of The Ring is also can be expressive stories to choose for your bedtime stories for kids.

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