5 Recommendations of Bedtime Stories for Kids

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5 Recommendations of Bedtime Stories for Kids

Bedtime stories for kids are one important thing a parent should give. By telling beautiful stories before a kid going to sleep, he or she can have higher possibility to have more relaxed sleep and happy dreams. Besides that, story can also be the perfect tool to tell about oral values in live. It will be a very fun activity for a kid to learn more about the good moral he or she need to have. for a recommendation, here we will share several bedtime stories for kids in undoubtedly well quality you can try.

  • Where the wild things are

This story made by Maurice Sendak. Even though when you search more of this story you will find pictures with big monster, you should not stop of knowing more about this story. Because children love things related to magic, this story will be a perfect choice. Besides, the plot also covered in marvelous adventure having by the lead character, a boy named Max. He sailed to an island of the Wild Things. Through several hard struggles, he finally could be the king.

  • The cat in the hat

If your child has great interest to cat, this bedtime stories for kids made by Dr. Seuss might be the best option you can choose. In general, this story tells about a crazy cat with a silly hat. The cat caused great chaos in such a fun as well as inventive ways. If your child is in between the age of 5 up to 7, they will fall in love with this story undoubtedly. In this story, you can tell unbelievable madness as well as mayhem.

  • Good night, gorilla

Peggy Rathman is the author of many bedtime stories for kids, including this story. This story wrapped in a picture book in traditional style. In telling this story, any parents need to be creative, since the story put its strength on the pictures it has. You may only find few words on it. In brief, the story is about a zookeeper and a gorilla. For young children, this story will be great, as it can also develop their love to animal as well.

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

For other choice of bedtime stories for kids with animal theme, you can choose this story. This story written by the famous Roald Dahl. As you can see, he is the author of many outstanding story such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. From time to time, he keeps surprising many parents as well as children through the story he wrote. This one is not an exception as well. The main character of this story is a fox, which is running from dopey farmers.

  • The Moomins

This last recommendation story of bedtime stories for kids has a unique taste. It made by Tove Jansson. One most entertaining thing from this story is that the characters here are unusual. It makes children who likes to enjoy wild imagination will fall in love with this kind of bedtime stories for kids.

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