3 Recommended Bible Story for Kids

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3 Recommended Bible Story for Kids

For Christian, introducing the knowledge in bible is one important thing knowing by children. That is why many parents are looking for suitable method in doing so. As reading the translation might be quite boring, you can also choose to tell it through fun bible story for kids. On this article, we will share you some stories, which can be suitable material you can use. These stories are all having well moral value and will keep your children attention to follow the plots.

  • The story of Adam and Eve

This bible story for kids began when God creates the first man, Adam. God designed a special beautiful garden for this man only. The garden called as the Eden. There laid various beautiful things, which will please many eyes. Here and there grew beautiful flowers. The air was so fresh and clean; and even birds were having a happy life and sang its happiness as well. There, Adam learned about any knowledge. From time to time, God created many animals to accompany him. However, the lonely feeling he had could not be replaced as Adam knew that there were none like him. One night, God took a rib from Adam’s side. By this rib, God made a woman, who will be Adam’s companion. Her name was Eve. From this point the great history of Adam and Eve will amaze any kids’ imagination.

  • The story of Abraham and Sarah

For other option, this story can also be the perfect choice of bible story for kids. At first, the name of the characters was Abram and Sarai. One incredible thing was that God said to Abram that he would have many children, he even will have one more son when he already in his 90s. The name Abram then changed into Abraham as it means as father of many in the following plots. Through this bible story for kids, parents will be able to tell children how powerful God is. This story can also be the source of knowledge for children to understand better about the history in bible through fun way.

  • The angels of bible

For the last option of bible story for kids, you can also have this one. As you can see, many kids have various imaginations about angels. Telling this story indeed will be a very fascinating thing they will like to hear. This bible story for kids started from the reason why God made the angels. Parents can also mention the role of angels in many of important history. For example, when the angels announced the birth of Jesus, when the angels told Mary as well as Martha that Jesus still alive after he experienced bad way of treating, or even when Gabriel told Mary that she was going to have a son even though she was not married yet.

Those are some recommendation of bible story for kids you can tell your children in their bedtime. Besides those three, you can also choose other stories as long as it can keep your children’s interest.

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